Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back In The Day

Back in the summer of Aught-One things were very different than they are today. 9/11 hadn't happened. Gas was cheap. I had more hair than I do now. My fingers, knees, and elbows didn't hurt all the time. The effete Emo scene had not yet infiltrated the climbing community, Jacksonville crew this means you!

Mallorca was not the DWS hotspot that it is today but a young forward thinking climber/river guide named John DuBose had a vision of his own and when he came upon a sweet ass boulder along a SC river some serious crushing ensued.

Pia the Swede

Dave from Colorado

Teva Alps don't make good climbing shoes

Heel Hook CRUSH!!!!!!
More photos to come if the 803 crew can be pursuaded to make an expedition to this secret summer spot. There isn't much in the way of bouldering outside of the boulder above but there are some good, mellow play waves for kayaking close nearby and some chill spots for beer drinking and swimming. The perfect summer paradise.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Freaks Come Out At Night

05.03.08 is a night that will live in infamy. Players to ladies, hoes to pimps, disco wranglers, and various other characters of ill repute descended upon 925 1/2 Huger Street for beer drinking and crushing. High steps and drop knees were things of the past as tight pants and short skirts ruled the night. Hard climbing quickly fell by the wayside to be promptly replaced by hard dancing and hard drinking. Inasmuch as the publisher of this blog consumed a large quantity of brown liquor he disavows responsibilty for the lack of proper exposure and focus in any of the following photos. Enjoy.

Photo intentionally cropped to avoid an X rating

Anthony channels Adrian Brody

I won't even comment.

All shirts should come with mesh side panels.

disco smooth vs. hand painted socks and cutoff jean shorts
Yin and Yang

Johnny T or Johnny M?
Huckstable and Spicoli


Jersey Shore

Does this hat make my elbow look deformed?

Drop knees

More Jersey action


What a scene!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Murphy, young jedi master

Cola town and most of the Southeast have moved closer to the sun and the resulting heat have me convinced that we may have entered to eight circle of hell. Climbing has ceased on all matter not petrochemically derived. Pollen blankets the earth like yellow snow. Monsoon rains flood the streets of our fair city. The few brave souls that veture outside must do so wearing minimal clothing in order to avoid spontaneous combustion (OK... there are some advantages to the heat).

With ample spare time and no weekend trips planned for many months I finally took the plunge and actually became commited to someone besides myself. After more than a year of waiting I finally purchased a puppy. Let the ridiclue begin for the choice of breed but be forwarned that the force is strong with this one.

Murphy displaying some slab climbing skills

Females take note, resistance is futile.

Take note, climbing related photos of the "Rock the 80's" Charity Comp will be posted next week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

West Virginia, Open for Buisness

A small contingency from the Columbia crew interpreted the new state motto of West Virgina as an open invitation to visit the New River Gorge and devestate all sandstone in the state. The VA Beach crew showed up late in the night on Friday and after joining forces like Voltron we were able to crush wine, rum, and rock with equal aplomb.

Hawk's Nest

Anthony on Leaving Las Fayetteville
Hawk's Nest

Anthony on White Eyebrow
Hawk's Nest

Ryan on Fingers Malone
Cotton Bottom

Ryan on Ronski Feint

Ryan on Ronski Feint

Anthony on Slopers Malone
Cotton Bottom

Anthony on Mines of Moria
Cotton Bottom

Princess airing it out on an easy highball
Cotton Bottom

D.A. on Leaving Las Fayetteville
Hawk's Nest

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Gerbil

Drunk Adam living up to his nickname. If you are playing in a dodgeball tournament and you aren't allowed to drink on the court you have to engage in degrading behavior. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sensitive Access

Here are some photos of pseudo-secret "local" areas.

Amber starting out on the highball, prior to her scream powered send

Amber crushing some contrivance
Drunk Adam on "Stay Left, Be Right"
(note the camera strap, intentional photgraphic genius)
The Spot

Spicy Meatball
"The Spot"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Springing Forward and Upward

As clocks sprang forward this last Sunday I joined Ryan Brazell and Brad King for a trip to Table Rock to check out some of the boulder problems that Ryan and Brad have started to develop. If you have read Ryan's blog you have no doubt been impressed with the photos of the area and I can vouch for the high qualityof the rock. The boulders are very reminiscent of Rumbling Bald in that they are all house sized chunks of gneiss. There is certainly more to be developed but we spent the day on the three problems that have been discovered and cleaned thus far, all of which are proper hard.

The dyno project will be a reality in the near future as both Ryan and Brad came agonizingly close to sticking the throw to the right hand crimp. It will be interesting to see if Anthony can bring his "wilt the stilt" height to bear on the problem and turn it into a massive deadpoint rather than an all out dyno.

Here are some shots from the day:

Brad setting up for the big huck on the Dyno Project

Not quite there.

Brazell on the setup

Brazell touching the goods...momentarily